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Online advertising is no longer an option for companies and entrepreneurs in our current era

Internet advertising is considered the most cost-effective and fastest way to achieve results compared to traditional advertising, regardless of its importance in increasing brand awareness.

We offer you our expertise in creating advertising campaigns and optimizing their results to maximize return on investment.

Advertising Campaign Management Packages

We offer you through our packages the service of creating and managing online advertising campaigns to achieve your marketing goals. Choose the package that suits you now!

Social media advertising package

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat: 20% of the budget's value
  • Campaign study report
  • Choosing the suitable platform
  • Choosing the appropriate ad type (engagement, story, sales, awareness)
  • Selecting advertising angles and crafting content
  • Geographic, demographic, and interest-based targeting
  • Daily monitoring and tracking
  • Creating a weekly performance report
  • Analyzing campaign performance and optimizing it.

Google advertising package

25% of the budget's value
  • Campaign study report
  • Choosing the appropriate ad type (search, image, dynamic, retargeting)
  • Creating brand awareness campaigns
  • Creating YouTube campaigns
  • Creating a weekly performance report
  • Daily monitoring and tracking
  • Designing custom promotional product designs
  • Reducing the cost per click
  • Adding phone number, map, prices, and services

Important notes:

  • Meral is committed to providing a detailed report on campaign objectives and types within 3 days from the agreement and payment date.
  • Meral commits to making 2 revisions to the advertisements, whether images or text, before execution.
  • The minimum monthly spending on a single platform is $500.

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